Orchestra performing in hall

The Juno Orchestra is Vermont’s newest professional chamber orchestra, engaging musicians from the tri-state area surrounding Brattleboro, Vermont, a small, startlingly vibrant arts community.

The convergence of a number of felicitous events (secure funding, new performance venue, and planning time) created a particular moment for the Juno Orchestra Project to flourish. The Orchestra is in residence at the Brattleboro Music Center. We are pleased to collaborate with the Music Center on this project.

Pandemic statement: Juno Orchestra, like every other arts organization, struggles in very real ways with the far-reaching repercussions of COVID-19. A central aspect of the Juno Orchestra Project is the real-time exploration of music between orchestra and audience, a live audience. Until we are able to gather again, safely and joyously, Juno will hibernate. We look forward to that day when we all can sit together in one room bearing up under the visceral richness of classical music. 

Juno thanks everyone for successes to date. Here’s to a safe outcome for us all.