Juno Musicians

The area surrounding Brattleboro, Vermont has, for years, attracted top-flight musicians to live and work here.

Multiple threads of influence – the proximity of venerable music festivals such as Marlboro, Yellow Barn, or Apple Hill, the draw of universities and institutions of higher learning like Dartmouth, Marlboro, and Smith, or the persistence of mid-20th century cultural pioneers like Blanche Moyse and David Wells – have woven together a community of musicians that comprises the Juno Orchestra.

Juno players to date

Kathy Andrew
Kevin Bushee
Lucy Chapman
Greg Diehl
David Horak
Marcia Lehninger
Michelle Liechti
Allyson Michal
Yuri Namkung
Moby Pearson
Anna Shemetyeva
Heather Sommerlad
Peggy Spencer
Andy Stein
Louisa Stonehil
Gudrun Weeks

Marcia Cassidy
Marty Knieriem
Liz Rose
Anna Shemetyeva
Barbara Wright

Jake Charkey
Tim Merton
Alice Robbins
Judith Serkin
Wayne Smith

David Casali
Jay Elfenbein
Paul Horak
Yasu Suzuki

Aaron Lakota
Jennifer Slowik

Rebecca Eldredge
Rose Vrbsky

Paul Hadley
Jean Jeffries
Josh Michal
Christine Mortensen

Gregory Hayes