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Zenith!, June 2022

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Pre-concert materials
Brattleboro Commons | Annie Landenberger: For Juno Orchestra, a swan song
Rutland Herald | Jim Lowe: Juno Orchestra grand finale: Zon Eastes & friends step down after five years

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Family Connections, September 2019

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Jacob Charkey (soloist) bio
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Stan Charkey (composer) bio
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Pre-concert materials
Brattleboro Commons: Related Works by Richard Henke
Brattleboro Reformer: Juno Orchestra Presents ‘Family Connections’

Discoveries, June 2019

Pre-concert materials
Rutland Herald | Jim Lowe: Regional Arts Preview
Brattleboro Commons: Juno Presents ‘Discoveries’

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Paul Dedell (composer) bio
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Senza Zefiri, Juno Strings, February 2019

Pre-concert materials
Rutland Herald | Jim Lowe: The Juno Orchestra: Collaborating for the joy of music
The Vermont Journal | Karen Engdahl: Juno Orchestra celebrates southern Vermont’s musical legacy

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Two Bachs Plus, September 2018

Pre-concert materials
Brattleboro Commons | Richard Henke: Your Friendly Neighborhood Chamber Orchestra

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Juno in June!, June 2018

Pre-concert materials
Rutland Herald | Jim Lowe: You Can Come Home
Brattleboro Commons | Richard Henke: Building a Musical Career, One Gig at a Time
Brattleboro Reformer: Concert, Juno Orchestra

Rutland Herald | Jim Lowe: Returning cellist caps Juno’s first season

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Artist bio
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Inaugural Concert, September 2017

Pre-concert materials
Vermont Public Radio | Kari Anderson: interview
Brattleboro Commons | Richard Henke: A Night of Firsts

Rutland Herald | Jim Lowe: New Orchestra debuts in Brattleboro 


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