The Juno Orchestra Project is funded fundamentally through significant gifts provided by two passionate music lovers.

The Project‘s viability expands further still as friends and neighbors subscribe to the vision and provisions of Juno Orchestra. Inspired by the model of community supported agriculture (CSA) programs, we seek supporters to join the Juno Lucina Circle. Modelled after area CSA programs, Circle supporters make commitments at one of three levels. All circle members receive Juno’s bounty in the form of complimentary tickets to share with friends. Those in the Diadem may choose to name a seat in the orchestra.

The Juno Lucina Circle 

Diadem ($2,500)
Anonymous (1)
David Snyder and Sara Coffey

Crown ($1,000)
Anonymous (1)
Phil and Marcia Steckler

Laurel ($500)
Anonymous (2)
Against the Grain
Doug and Lisa Cox
Dr. Kim Eastes and Jeff and Lynn Eastes
Bill and Lesleigh Forsyth
Tom and Rachel James
Janet Wallstein

Updated December 31, 2018 

Contact music director Zon Eastes by email or at 802.380.9550 if you would like to learn more about the Juno Lucina Circle.