PR: Concerts, June 2022

Zon Eastes, music director
Juno Orchestra

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As planned, the Juno Orchestra Project comes to a gracious, natural end, after a successful five-year run.

The final celebration will take place on Friday, June 10, 7:30 p.m. at Persons Auditorium at the former Marlboro College, the new home of the Marlboro Music Festival.

The program features three remarkable pieces:

Jean Sibelius Impromptu for Strings after Op. 5, No. 5 and 6
Franz Joseph Haydn Symphony No. 92, Oxford
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Symphony No. 41, Jupiter

Music Director Zon Eastes recently spoke about the program. “The Sibelius is a wondrous discovery for Juno. It shone as a small, beautiful gem, inviting a look inward. Of all the works Juno introduced during its run, this piece seems to have stirred the most wonder.”

He has programmed Haydn’s Oxford Symphony because “I  want to share the very first Haydn symphony I ever played in a professional setting. I was young, discovering so much so quickly, and I was utterly delighted at Haydn’s brilliance and wit.”

The program will close with Mozart’s Jupiter Symphony. Eastes commented, “We simply have to perform the Jupiter Symphony. After all, no matter how you read mythology, Juno and Jupiter were deeply entwined. Mozart’s final symphony is a stunning masterpiece, perfect for Juno Orchestra.”

Juno Orchestra is in residence at the Brattleboro Music Center.

$50, $20, $10. Available 802.257.4523 or online

We are also encouraging people to purchase Pay it Forward tickets, which will allow others to attend for free.

For more information, visit or call 802.380.9550.