Juno Singles

The pandemic cast a spell of sleep over many arts organizations, all around the world. We all have missed the joy of sharing directly. Because one of the Juno Orchestra Project’s structural tenets is to give opportunity for wonderful regional players to explore music with curious audiences, Juno has been resting quietly, waiting for the opportunity to reconvene with our enthusiastic audience.

Juno is lifting her head and announces a new, four-faceted project: Juno Singles.

Part One: Juno has engaged four local composers, commissioning each to craft a 10-15 minute work for string orchestra. We are very excited to work with (clockwise from upper left) Derrik Jordan, world music specialist; Robert Merfeld, pianist and chamber music coach; Dana Maiben, violinist and Baroque music specialist, and Eugene Uman, director of Vermont Jazz Center.

Part Two: Juno Orchestra will workshop each composition, one at a time in May, June, and July. Each mini-concert will be captured on an audio/video recording. These recordings will be edited to include a composer interview and will be distributed on the Internet. Watch for announcements.

Additionally, Juno’s response to each commission will be presented in a mini-concert (a Juno Single) open to a limited audience. Dates for each concert:

  • Friday, May 28, 7:00, Suite for an Imaginary Country by Derrik Jordan
  • Friday, June 11, 7:00, presenting Juno Variations by Robert Merfeld
  • Friday, June 25, 7:00, presenting Vermont Seasons by Dana Maiben
  • Friday, July 9, 7:00, presenting Struggle for Optimism by Eugene Uman

Concerts will take place at the Brattleboro Music Center, 72 Blanche Moyse Way, Brattleboro, VT. Limited seating. Tickets $10, available here.

Part Three: We are very excited to announce a collaboration with Serenity Smith Forchion and Nimble Arts. About a month after each Juno recording date, a small team from Nimble Arts will create acrobatic, filmed response to each composition. Videos will present both the acrobatic artists and Juno in performance, and each be distributed to the Internet. Watch for announcements.

Part Four: Once we all can get back together, in real time, we will all celebrate– composers, orchestra, acrobats, AND AUDIENCE together! Given this last year, we know well enough to wait to plan. So, more on this as details can emerge.

Thank you

The Juno Singles Project acknowledges important financial contributions from anonymous (1), Diane Bingham, Jean Boardman, Douglas Cox, Joanne Roberts, Josie Stein, Janet Wallstein, and Mara Williams and Tom Hilsdon.

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